SW support for ELVAC RTU

The functionality of our software products is mainly related to the use of our RTU systems. Some SW products are even free after purchasing our HW products. You can find more detailed information in the description of the individual products, or our salespeople will be happy to provide you with additional information.

RTU7M FW Rozšíření licence - balíček 5 kreditů
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RTU7M FW Licence extension - 5 credits package, see license policy for ELVAC RTU communication protocols (
FW-EPG7 - Licence pro přehrávač záznamů a tester ochran
The goods are made to order
Software for comfortable control of functions of currents and votages generator EPG7, including testing functions for protection relays or FPIs and COMTRADE player. This software is free of charge for EPG7 users.
SW- ECDAC datový koncentrátor RTU
The goods are made to order
SW data concentrator for data acquisition from subordinated stations and for data transmission into master system through different protocols
SW- Grafický prohlížeč záznamů
The goods are made to order
SW browser of failure records from RTU units
The goods are made to order
SW applications for testing of subordinated stations through IEC protocols
SW- Uživatelské centrum RTU
The goods are made to order
SW user interface for work with RTU units
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