SW licenses for RTU7M

The license policy of ELVAC RTU is not based on the usual unlocking of certain communication protocols after payment, but on the so-called credit system. Each RTU has 30 credits available free of charge, which allow you to use any protocol for communication with the SCADA system or slave device.

However, if the system uses multiple communication protocols, it is necessary to have enough credits to use them, because each communication channel and protocol consumes a certain amount of credits. Credit needs for a given application can be verified and calculated in the credit calculator in the section Products/RTU Support SW/Licensing Policy for ELVAC RTU Firmware.

RTU7M FW Rozšíření licence - balíček 5 kreditů
The goods are made to order
RTU7M FW Licence extension - 5 credits package, see license policy for ELVAC RTU communication protocols (
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